Dickson Racing Shocks, JRI Shocks and Kryptonite Racecars announce partnership


(Parkersburg, WV) Freddie Carpenter of Kryptonite Racecars and Chris Dickson of Dickson Racing Shocks and JRI Shocks are proud to announce a performance partnership.

Effective immediately, Kryptonite Racecars Dirt Late Models and modifieds will be utilizing JRI Shocks by Dickson Racing Shocks.

Dickson Racing Shocks is the preferred racing shock service provider of Kryptonite Racecars and is a full service custom racing shock business with 13 years of shock building and 25+ years of dirt oval racing experience.

Kryptonite Racecars will also be a JRI Shocks dealer.

“We’re thrilled about this partnership. Chris’ knowledge and expertise of the suspension for our dirt cars is second to none”, stated Freddie Carpenter, owner of Kryptonite Racecars. “JRI’s record speaks for itself this year. It’s great to have a company like them in our corner. Their package will be a great asset for our teams and customers.”

“The timing is right for me to get back in the racing shock business”, stated Chris Dickson, owner of Dickson Racing Shocks. “My new shop location within Adrenaline Performance Parts has allowed me to jump feet first back in to the sport. Starting a partnership with Kryptonite Racecars and JRI Shocks is giving me a foundation to immediately rebuild my customer base and success on the track.”

For more information on Kryptonite Racecars, please visit kryptoniteracecars.com and Kryptonite Racecars on Facebook and @kryptoniterc on Twitter.

For more information on Dickson Racing Shocks, please visit dicksonracingshocks.com, Dickson Racing Shocks on Facebook and @DicksonShock on Twitter. 

For more information on JRI Shocks, please visit jrishocks.com, JRI Shocks on Facebook and @JRIShocks on Twitter.